our team


Joshua Neubert

Managing Partner

Josh has extensive experience managing charities and incentivized prize programs. Since beginning his career at the X PRIZE, he has co-found the Institute of Competition Sciences and led prize programs with over $8,000,000 in awards.

Florina Linco

Social Media Manager

With 10 years of experience in social media, Florina manages New Organ’s presence on Facebook and Twitter, sharing the latest in regenerative medicine.

Dave Gobel

New Organ Founder & Methuselah CEO

A forward-looking entrepreneur and father, Dave co-founded Methuselah in 2003 with Dr. Aubrey de Grey. He continues to work tirelessly to advance breakthroughs that will extend healthy life.

Miguel Ferreira

Science Coordinator

Miguel is a PhD student at the University of Manchester (UK). His work combines 3D bioprinting and pluripotent stem cells to develop new strategies for osteochondral regeneration. He is the President of the Student European Low Gravity Research Association and has been a part of two European Space Agency hands-on programmes to study cell behavior in hypergravity.

Sergio Ruiz

Managing Partner, Methuselah Fund

Mr. Ruiz is an entrepreneur, Investor, Futurist. Member of The Methuselah Foundation's 300. Mr. Ruiz has 10+ years of non-profit management experience. with degrees in Economics and Business Spanish.

Kevin Perrot

Chief Science Advisor

Kevin is Executive Director of the Mprize, founder of AgeNet and co-founder of SENS Research Foundation, and is currently working on the role of cellular senescence in degenerative disease at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.