challenge & Prize Programs

The New Organ Alliance creates incentivized programs to help accelerate innovative research on the challenges ahead in bioengineering tissues or organs. 

New Organ Liver Prize

Challenging scientists worldwide to bio-engineer a liver.

  • $1,000,000 prize purse
  • Create a regenerative or bio-engineered solution to keep a large animal alive for 90 days without native liver function
  • International challenge that is open to participants globally.
  • The Deadline for this prize passed (December 31st, 2018) without a team meeting the full requirements.

Nasa Sponsored Vascular Tissue Challenge

This challenge rallies scientists worldwide to produce viable thick-tissues.

  • $500,000 is available as a prize purse
  • Teams must successfully create thick, human vascularized organ tissue in an in-vitro environment while maintaining metabolic functionality.
  • It must function similar to their in vivo native cells throughout a 30-day survival period.
  • The first registered team to meet the guidelines by September 30, 2019 will win the award.


Furthers the capability of researchers to utilize the micro-gravity environment in thick-tissue vascularization research.

  • One team from the Vascular Tissue Challenge will be chosen to receive this award.
  • CASIS will provide the team with up to $200,000 in flight hardware costs along with transportation to the ISS-NL, support on station, and return of experimental samples to Earth.
  • They will also receive mentoring from CASIS scientists.